Monday, February 16, 2015

This Time I'm Playing for Keeps

Howdy Padres y Amigos,
         OH MY GOODNESS!! First week in the field!! I love being a missionary! This is so much better than the MTC! I'm so nervous!! The Church is SSSOOOOO TRUE!! =)
         Now, that's what I'd be saying if this was my first week and I was a newbie, but it ain't and I isn't. (Except for the "church is true" part, I still say that.. but more spanishy) I'm already a Pro. Been there, done that. That's right parents, that big ol' slice of humble pie turned out to be full of gluten and was exchanged with a nutritious rice cake o' pride! It takes a lot more than disease, bad companions, stress, impoverished living conditions, language barriers and mission change for me to learn humility. I'll have none of that.
         First off, I would like to say that I have not heard "howdy" once since I arrived and am thoroughly disappointed...  Actually this mission is the President Ashton is really cool and more importantly, hates rules! He says we can't grow as real servants of Christ if we can't use our agency and think for ourselves. That means whatever music that we want that helps us feel the spirit, no crazy Bautismo yelling, and no rules on wearing black ties. I like that. The only rule that's new is that we have to be within sight and sound of each other at all times, especially in the apartment. So if I want to go to the bathroom, somebody has to watch me walk down the hall and into the bathroom. It's a bit silly. However, one time I was out of sight for almost 3 seconds and in that moment of sin, I stole 3 cars and robbed a bank. Luckily my companion ran to get me and prevent further issues.
         I actually have two companions, Elder Lambourne and Elder Reed. Elder Lambourne is from West Jordan, Utah and is a Zone Leader. He's dope cause he's exactly the same as Elder Webb, they even have the same voice. My other Companion is Elder Reed, who's from Pocetello, Idaho. I like him too but he's really struggling and wants to go home. Unfortunately for him, nobody else wants him to, so he's still here. We have fun and, luckily, we're in a car area. Unluckily, the other two love riding bikes and we do that a lot. I don't like riding bikes. I can do it well enough, as long as there are no telephone poles, cars, people, potholes, dogs, or fire hydrants and the road is straight with no onlookers.
        My area is called Houston 2, I think and I'm right next to downtown, in a place I like to call "New MexicoHondurasEquadorElSalvadorGuatemalaCuba." I think I have heard English 3 or 4 times in the last week. Its actually pretty cool. I also have an unofficial second language of Ebonics. Here's part of the first lesson "So der was dis dood, Joe Smith and he waz all lookin fo sum church to go to and he was all like "Wut it do, dees churches ain't no good yo!" so he goes how to some trees or somethin, yah know, dat place where ders birds and, yah know plants. Den I forget dah rest but its I tight story, I like it, yah feel me?" The other Elders tell me its just english, but I know its not.
        We haven't taught a lot because last week was crazy but I'll give you more details on that stuff next week.

Here's My Address

6666 Chetway Drive

Yo Dawgs, Peace Out!
The artist formerly known as and then again known as,
Elder Evans