Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Ain Da Twa Low Yamala (May I Go to the Bathroom)

Nei- Kaun Ye-La, (How are you?)

     So last week, I had the pleasure of going on exchanges twice with Elders Ames and Simram, our very own Burmese speaking elders. So as you can imagine, I speak Burmese fluently now. I'm not even entirely sure where Burma is (I don't even think that's the name of the country, its Mynamar or something) or why there is a bunch of people from there hanging out in Houston,Texas, but its pretty cool. They apparently speak a mixture of indian and chinese which sounds like a really nervous person trying to sing a love song to a goat but the only song they know is a backwards Dr Suess book sung by Alanis Morissette. I hope that description adequately describes the subtle nuances of that language.
       Unfortunately, Elder Simram's and Ames' other companion is about to get transferred and they really want me to replace him so they have someone that can speak to the spanish people for them. They even asked the mission president. So there is a small possiblity that I may be the next Spanish, Burmese, and English speaking missionary in the history of the church! Hopefully not, though. I don't even like Alanis Morissette.
      Other than that, my week was good. Elder Escobar and I are still having a grand ol' time together and we're working super hard to get the ward to stand on its own a bit more, which is coming along. Still haven't found any real investigators yet. We are currently trying to encourage the members for referrals (Please give your missionaries referrals, you don't have to go with them or anything but a "just stop by this address and see if they're interested" is ssoooo nice.) 
That's all I got!
Elder Evans


Burmese Elders (missionaries)

At the Houston Temple.   

 My new companion, Elder Escobar