Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Week 6...last email from the United States

¿Que tal mi familia?
ESTOY LISTO SALIR pero, no quiero salir tampoco. ¿Por que es español muy difícil? Yo no se. I am soooo sick of the CCM, you have no idea. I just want to get it over with and head out to Argentina, but at the same time I really don´t want to leave my safe little bubble. Oh well. 
       This week has been pretty boring. The only cool thing is that on Tuesday, almost the entire 12 apostles and 1st presidency were here. I got to see Elders Bednar, Ballard, Nelson, Anderson, Oaks, and Cristofferson and the seven presidents of the quorums of the seventies all in the same room! Elder Cristofferson talked at our devotional and it was super good. I can´t actually really remember what he talked about, but I remember I liked it. I don't know if I told you but we sing in the choir every week and this week I was shown on the big screen like 5 times. So all those apostles and every missionary in every other MTC saw my beautiful face.
       Remember my roommate Elder Andersen? I've got a great story about him. Elder Andersen likes to be self righteous and loves to tell Elder Giliam and I that we need to act more like missionaries. He tells on us to the branch president for every little thing.  So we have some friends from another zone that we really like (one of them I'm going to probably room with at BYU-I) and they love to mess with us. We had just come home from class for the night and Elder Andersen got into the shower. Right after he got in the elders from the other zone came in and we were talking. Then one of the elders decided to scare elder andersen, so he banged on the bathroom door really loud. We then heard "WHAT THE "bleep" ARE YOU DOING!" screaming from Andersen. Needless to say, Elder Giliam, the other elders, and I ran out the door to their apartment across the street. We were laughing so very hard. We then looked out window and saw Elder Andersen across the street, through the window, barricading the door with couches. Finally, when we went back to the room we pushed open the door and he was sitting there with the iron (yes, the hot one that makes clothes straight), waiting for us. He started yelling. So then I got mad and started going into my sarcastic super, mean way like Dad did with that guy at the airport shuttle in France.  Not my proudest moment though. He got super mad and left because I was making fun of him. Then the next day he just pretended like it never happened What a crazy kid. I promise everybody else at the CCM is pretty normal though. 
         I'm so excited to get out of here, I want to eat something different then the same thing every week. I'm also excited to call, that will be nice. Also, Mom, I used a pay phone so I'm pretty sure you can't call me back. And, yes I got the package, thank you! but I may need to buy a better jacket when I get there. The one we got doesn't seem very warm. If you could make sure I have about 250 on my card that would be fantastic, I just want to be sure I have a lot when I travel. I will get charged $100 for my second suitcase but the mission president will reimburse me when I get there.
        Tell Grandma thank you for the cookies, I loved them and so did my zone!
Also tell Sarah for the cookies and goldfish, I had a real hankering for some of that cheddar gold. I also love the clay Argentina flag. As soon as I can find something to tie it to, I will!

Don´t Cry for me Argentina

Con mucha amor,
Elder Evans

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