Sunday, June 22, 2014

Week 5

Just a little disclaimer: in the Evans family there is a lot of pretend "stabbing, shooting, and many other forms of warfare." It was all started by Paul ( the dad) and is a favorite family past time. I usually stay out of it, but sometimes I get caught in the cross fires. The sound effects and drama are quite entertaining. Have a great week!

Hola Padres,
       One more week! Honestly, now that I'm trying to think about it, I have absolutely no recollection of most of this week. Its like one giant spanish blur. Elder Ballard came this week and it was really good, there is also been talk of Elder Erying coming next week, which would be real cool. Every day this week we've taught three to four lessons plus practice lessons, its really crazy. My spanish is still coming along. We skyped with a woman from ecuador on tuesday and, miraculously, we some how got the gist of what she was talking about. She has a little 2 year old boy who was so dang cute. He talked gibberish to us and then accidentally pressed the log off button. Even though I am understanding a lot of what people are saying, I still sometimes get confused. For instance, we were doing a practice lesson with my teacher and we were suppose to clear up his doubts about baptism. He said he wanted to be baptized but his mother, who had just died and was a proud catholic. He felt like he was betraying her by being baptized. Unfortunately I had missed a crucial point in his story and right after he finished I asked "Ha hablado con su madre sobre bautismo?" which means "have you talked to your mom about baptism?" Needless to say we had trouble keeping on track after that. We also got two new districts this week, they are pretty cool.  One of them even knows the Otts! His name is Elder Sandberg, I think. I managed to convince them all that I was from Ireland. They were mad when they found out I was lying. I also met some real cool guys from BYU-I that I didn't know there, so we're going to totally hang when we get back.
         Yesterday we got our travel plans! Sooo here's how its going down, We leave Salt Lake on june 30th. Our plane takes off at 11:00 Am and then we have 6 hour flight to Atlanta, Georgia. After landing at about 4:45 , we have about a 4 hour lay over until we leave for Buenos Aires, where we are supposed to arrive at 8:20 AM. But on the bright side, when I'm in georgia for 4 hours, I am allowed to call! So clear up your schedule after 4:45 p.m. (Georgia Time, I think) for some talking!
         Mom: The Razor you sent me is perfect and my visa some how went through! so I am not going to Nebraska for a month! And no I didn't know Jayne was going to Ohio! I'm a little cut off from news, if you haven't noticed. 
         Dad: Don't you dare joke about Dean Martin like that, I am going through major withdrawals.
         Megan: Drop the Penney.
         Sam: Stab Megan for me and tell her to snap out of it. Then stab yourself. For Me.

Ushy Gushy: I can't really think of anything at the moment, sorry. My mind needs a break on p-day. But everything is good. I love reading the scriptures, its actually how I relax now.

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