Monday, June 9, 2014

Week 3

Hola Padres!
This week has gone by so ridiculously fast, its redonculous. Monday felt like yesterday and friday feels like this morning! Really nothing exciting has happened this week, we do the exact same thing every day. My spanish is coming along fantastically. I am now at the speaking level of a 4 year old Hispanic who has a speech impediment, but I able to teach entire lessons, none the less. Elder Gilliam and I are going along swimmingly, but we do butt heads occasionally, since we are both very stubborn. Elder Royster is still Elder Royster, I like him 50% of the time and the other 50% I want him out of my personal space bubble. Then there is Elder Andersen. The inside of his head is like Wikipedia, he knows facts on every subject, quotes from every movie and lyrics from most songs. Its crazy. But on the opposite side, he has no idea how to interact with people. Just this morning he stood at a cash register for 4 minutes before we told him that the line was at the other register. In volleyball, after a point is scored, he just stands there with the ball because he doesn't understand how the game works. When he tries to speak spanish, it usaully goes like this "Yo tengo... uh... como se dice" (I have... uh... how do you say) and then just says what he wants to say in english really fast with an accent.

I am also really starting to miss music right now, there are so many songs I wish I could hear one more time but este bien. I also really miss flirting with girls, I'm slowly loosing my mind hehe.
Also please thank Sara for sending me those cookies and that letter! We devoured them. Ssooo anytime she's in a cookie baking mood, let her know that there is a district of elderes y hermanas who would gladly take them off her hands!
Tambien, if you would thank Michelle for that lovely letter and that I am working on writing her one right now I would be very grateful.

Ushy gushy personal stuff: I can't really think of anything at the moment, sorry. Pero, aqui esta mi testimonio en español broken (I don´t know how to say that) Yo se que Dios es nuestro padre celestial y que es amoroso. Tambien, Yo se que Jesucristo tieene mucho amor por nosotros. Yo estoy muy agradicido por la oppartunidad (opportunity, I don´t know how to spell in spanish) servir un mision y la oppirtunidad apprendir el español.

El Jefe
Elder Evans

p.s if you could just go on my facebook and print out a bunch of pictures of me and my friends and mail them to me, that would be swell.  Thanks!

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