Sunday, June 15, 2014

Week 4 of Fun

Que Pasa Padres!?
It's been a real crazy week here in the CCM (I have no idea what it stands for, its something spanish). So usually Elders are zone leaders for 3 weeks at the CCM but our branch president decided that he's gonna just have us do it for the whole time, which is both good and bad because it means more work but we get to do orientation for the 2 new districts that come in next week. Our zone is down in the dumps right now because our other district is leaving on Monday for Argentina. They're super cool hermanas so its sad to see them go. Elder Cook also gave the devotional on Tuesday, which was super good. He's the second of the twelve to speak to us after Elder Nelson (the heart surgeon one?) and we're suppose to have another on Tuesday. This week we also started TRC (the teaching resource center). We teach a woman named Ivette everyday except on weekends. Usaully the TRC people are BYU students pretending to be investigators but we found out on thursday that she is an actual investigator, not an actor! So that's pretty freaky since I can barely count to 20 and I'm responsible for representing our church. It's going surprisingly well but I doubt that it actually has anything to do with me. Elder Gilliam and I are still working together well, even though we clash a little every once in awhile. We honestly couldn't be much more different. He is ridiculously driven. I have never seen anyone get so frustrated that he is not the best. Which is the exact opposite of me, where I am perfectly content with being mediocre, which is also bad. This week we were evaluated on our speaking and teaching ability and it was pretty hard. They told me that I teach the doctrine perfectly, I'm an excellent teacher, and my grammar and words are all correct but that my spanish is very very slow and that will probably bore people. Sooo essentially they said I would be super awesome if I did't suck. It's ok though, I'll get it eventually. Tonight, my teacher and I are going to start working on listening skills because I have a hard time understanding what people are saying. It's not that I don't know the words but I can't think fast enough to translate what they are saying. Its like timed multiplication tests all over again. Good thing I eventually mastered those.... oh wait.. no I didn't. I'm kidding, of course. As soon as it clicks, its gonna be awesome. 

To Megan: HAHAHA I knew I was the better the driver! I'm also glad that you are being social, books make terrible friends. At least I think so, I don't have friends or read books. Miss you oodles and oodles and I told jennifer government was a good book. Now read the hitchhikers book next. It's better.

To Sam:  Is that all you got for me? Use some feeling in your writing, boy! I also miss you oodles and poodles Sam!
p.s. you are a dingus

Ushy gushy; sorry I ran out of time

Love the greatest and slowest missionary ever,
Elder Paul Alex Evans

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