Monday, June 9, 2014

Week 2

Subject: Hola! Como Esta?!
So I'm pretty much fluent, as you can tell by my email subject. I'm quite tired right now because some stupid bird woke me up at 5 this morning, if he does it again I'm going to do him a favor and send him to heaven a bit early. This week has started going so fast, I can't even believe that its been 2 weeks already, unless I counted wrong, which would explain my disbelief. Its crazy here, I'm already better at spanish from 2 weeks of this than 2 years of school. We've taught a women named "Anna Marie" 4 times already and then were starting to get really good. Then she turned out to be our other teacher (Hermana Martinez) and that's pretty cool. Unfortunately though, she barely speaks any english and my head hurts after trying to figure out what she's saying. Yesterday, as zone leader, I had to give a sick sister a blessing and I'm going to have to do another one today for another hermana. I kinda have no idea what I am doing. Elder Giliam and I are having a grand old time, we go together like peas and carrots. Elder Royster is still cool most of the time, when he's not going on about his "many" friends or how much fun he had at college. Here is a quote of his from today "I got so many emails! It's crazy how many people want to write me, I can't even respond to all of them!" Elder Anderson is still so weird. He is incredibly smart and knows facts about everything, but he talks to himself and has the weirdest sense of humor ever. Its so funny to hear him try to talk spanish, he is convinced that speaking is just saying half spanish, half english phrases really fast, without using any "S"s. I also ran into my roommate from EFY Elder Andrews, and it was awesome to see him again. I also talk to some kids that I went to Idaho with. Its also weird how much people follow me and elder gilliam because of the zone leader thing, I'm trying not to abuse the power. It's not working.
Since you asked, father, here is my schedule:
6:15 - wake up and shower
7:00 - breakfast (I wish I could pretend the food here is good, but it isn't, so I won't)
7:30 - Study Time (Personal study, companero study, y language study)
10:30 - Gym Time (we usally lift weights and play volleyball or soccer or something)
11:30 - Shower and stuff
12:45 - Class with the greatest teacher who ever lived (Elder Giliam and I have slight man-crushes on him)
5:15 - More Class! (with Hermana Martinez, the one who makes my head hurt)
9:10 - Sing a hymn and pray with the rest of our zone
9:30 - Back to the residence hall for personal time
10:15 - quiet time (for journal writing) (I'm pretty sure my journal will win National writing awards)
10:30 - Bedtime
rinse and repeat untill 6 weeks are done

Personal: Ushy ggushy stuff
Its nuts how my testimony has just exploded since I've got here. I'm definitely developing a personal relationship with Christ. I understand and love him on so many levels now. My new favorite scriptures are Nephi 17: 5-9. It really just highlights his love and compassion for his people. He could of said "Sorry I have to go take care of so many things right now, I have so much to do" No, instead he stayed and healed their sick and taught them more. I can't even comprehend the amount of compassion he has. He is the exact reason I am here right now.

To Megan: Unfortunately Megan, your spanish didn't really make any sense, but I think I got the gist of it. Also, no, you can not wear his jersey, especially when he isn't playing right now! That"s just silly. And I told you about the abbreviations. I'm always right.

To Sam: You are big fat dingus. 

Parentals, if you could get me a electric razor with a beard trimmer - clipper thing attachment, that would be great. I used elder giliam's and it worked beautifully. Other than that I'm good at the moment. Also I will send a insurance collection thing to you at some point because they charged me $196 for those shots.
p.s. mom, Hermana Romeril will be sending pictures.

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