Monday, December 8, 2014

Emergency Transfer!

Querido Padres y Amigos,
           Guess who's not in General Pico now?! This Guy!! Emergency Transfers Baby! I'm now in the city of Bahia Blanca in an area called Villa Cerritos, which means little hills (they certainly dont feel little when I'm walking up them.) I met my new companion Elder Villaseca (Elder Dry Village) and I said "do you speak-a-my language?" and he just smiled and gave me a vegimite sandwich. And he said "I come from land down under, where women..." actually he is from Peru and only speaks spanish. He's pretty dope, but I guess any companion would be an angel after Elder McAngry. I'm also five minutes from the Mission President and I'll probably see him around once a week or so. I talked to him when I got here and it looks like we're going to see how living in a city goes. If it works, I'll probably switch between here and Mar De La Plata for the rest of my mission or something like that. I'm going to give it pretty much till Christmas and if I'm not getting better (I've still got the same old pain), I'm putting my foot down. I've been looking for food since Thursday (when I got here) and sadly, the selection isn't much better so far. I'll keep trying though, and hopefully I'll find something good.
      It's so dang hot now, every day has been in the high 90's, with a flat slap of humidity to throw in there. I have never been so sweaty in all of my life. Here is my schedule now. Wake up sweaty, sweat, shower, sweat in the shower, get out of the shower, sweat, get dressed, sweat, study in a pool of sweat, go out and work, sweat a little more, go back home, sweat, take another shower, and you guessed it sweat. Then sleep like I just got out of a pool! It's awesome.
        I really won't know what happens to my investigators back in General Pico, so that kind of stinks and I'm still 6 months into the mission with zero baptisms, which may be some kind of record! It doesn't really bug me but it sure seems to bug the dang Assistants to the President. They won't leave me alone "You need to baptize Elder!" "Elder! why haven't you baptized yet?!" "Elder its really important to Baptize!"... I wish someone would of told me sooner that I was supposed to baptize or I would of been working way harder these 6 months! The assistants don't particularly like me or my sarcasm but what are you gonna do!? 
      Also, in relation with Christmas skyping, I think I'll be on around 5 or 6 my time, which is around 12 or 1 your time. I'll get more information as we get closer, but it'll probably be that. 

Con mucho amor,
Elder Evans

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