Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Wedding day and Celiac Wars: Return of the Gluten

Querido  Familia y Amigos,
           This week has been a bit of a change up, not really surprising that we didn't do a lot of proselyting like always. Both Tuesday and Wednesday I went on exchanges to other areas with some other Elders from out of zone, which was fun. Tuesday I went out with Elder Gilbert, whose from the Virgin Islands and we biked all over the place in 85 degree weather and continued to wonder why people live in Houston. Then we switched again and I went to the area of Elder Tew, who I love. We had a grand ol' time helping this food bank move bulk food from a truck to warehouse and, sadly to say, I think I'm going to give up my dream of being a dock worker, It's just not for me. Luckily I got to giant packs of Gatorade as reward and I've managed to keep my roommates from stealing some of them, those dirty vultures. 
           The rest of the week was pretty standard until Saturday, when the other Elders' investigator Hermana Murray (Pronounced More-Eye, I don't get it either) got married to her boyfriend of 11 years. We had a fat party/ceremony and I was selected as wedding photographer (photos to be sent) and it was super fun. Then we had her baptism the next day and it was beautiful. 
           Other than that, Carlos (an investigator) is still being a real champ. He couldn't come to church though because he had work again, but he's super excited.
And that's pretty much it!

Elder Evans

Dearest Family and Friends,
           So it's been another one of those nothing weeks! I just looked through my planner to see what we did and as I read what I had written, I could not remember any of it. All I can remember of this week is that 1) I'm getting transferred and 2) Carlos is having some legal problems with his significant other back in El Salvador, so he's getting deported! That's kind of a bummer. He's all sad about it and says that there's pretty much no way he can move back. And 3) one of the members made me us Waffles this week. Gluten free for me and regular for the other guys. We had a bunch left over and she put them in separate bags to put in our freezer for later enjoyment. Unfortunately, when we got home it occurred to us that we hadn't marked which bags were which and both bags and waffles were identical. Had they been normal waffles I would have just given them away, but these waffles were desirable above all other waffles. I had to eat them, lest I parish in depression. So we set up a panel of taste tests and sight tests and it was decided which was which. Then I ate the waffles. And you know what? I ate the wrong waffles. Then I pretty much laid around all day with internal anguish. I feel better now, but I'm still a bit sensitive to random stuff, like when I was home
That's It,
Elder Evans

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