Wednesday, July 8, 2015


My Fellow Americans (And Canadians) ((And Where ever Sam Came From)),
     I may think that Texas is hot and ugly, but they really pulled through this time. 'Twas a good week. Last Monday, while we were at the library doing family history, we got harassed by some drunk guy who said he was a Jehovah's Witness and that he didn't understand why Mormon's and Jehovah's Witnesses hate each other. (I feel that this would best told with a super long, run-on sentence) So then I explained to him that we don't and then he told me that we do, so then I told him that he should leave and then he told me that he shouldn't, so then I told him that he was drunk and he told me that he wasn't, so I asked him what was in his gas station soda cup and he said it was Dr. Pepper, so then I told him that his Dr. Pepper smelled a lot like beer and he told me it wasn't, so then he said it was a free country and he could do what he wanted and then I told him that it isn't, so then I told him to leave and then he did. 
       After that I went on exchanges again with a giant Tongan named Elder Heitonga, who I  love dearly. He doesn't speak english super well or have any fear of death or pain. So it's like playing with a giant, out of control gorilla who knows basic English. I love it. Then nothing really happened until Forth of July when at 1:00, we had lunch with some members from the English ward, who like us better than the English Elders. It was the first american food I've had in forever. I ate 3 whole burgers and then wanted to throwup #GodBlessAmerica. After that, we went to Marc's (Our eternal-investigator friend guy) and we watched the fireworks on his roof. It was dope!
         I also forgot to mention that we had a conference with our new Mission President, President Hall. He's a homie for sure and super funny. He's a lot like Pres. Ashton on rules and stuff. So lots of focus on following the spirit. I think he is going to be great. This mission needs a little more energy pumped into it. He also mentioned something about a Texas Houston South Mission facebook you can see whats up with everything

And that's it all I have to say about that,
Love, Peace, and Harmony
Elder Evans

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