Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Elder Evans the Kid

Dearest Parent, Family, and Pardners,
           I have come more in touch with my wild side this week. We were talking to our cowboy investigators and they mentioned how they have had a ton of rats since their last cat got stepped on by a horse. It just so happened that the day before, Rodrigo told us that they wanted to get rid of some of their cats because they have 12 or so and they kept multiplying and replenishing their yard. So I thought, " Oh we'll just take those cats to the ranch, super easy." As it turns out, feral cats don't like to be held, carried, and especially not put in a cat carrier. I'd like to quote a scripture for this one "Yea, and it came to pass that much blood was shed in that day, lo, insomuch that I did curse under my breath and did curse the feral cats, yea, even unto cat damnation, for they were mean." Fortunately, the ranch has rat hunters now, who also have a taste for human flesh. 
           We also went to the temple as a mission Friday. We had to get up at 3:45 to get there on time but it was still pretty great. I only fell asleep 5 or 6 times but it looked like I was praying, so it was cool. Then afterwards we had a talk from our president about how important it is to get married and how to identify our future spouses. Then he lectured us about our mission flirting too much. So it was like: Here missionaries, these are some coupons for some great fast food and some recipes for brownies and cake... but you are all fat, so eat healthier. So needless to say, there are some mixed signals being sent. Other than that, it was a great temple trip. 
            Then that weekend our ward had our primary program and, I tell yah, you've never lived until you've seen 20 hispanic kids sing songs and give little talks. Also, my companion, Elder Reed is getting transferred, so pray that I can tolerate my new companion.

Peace, Love, and Harmony
Elder Evans


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