Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Weirdest Week of My Mission, White Christmas

Dearest Parents, Family, and Friends
            Sooooo this weeks been a bit weird.... As you know, I got transferred last week and so I spent the next couple days saying goodbye to everyone and a couple members even cried. It was poopy but I got everybody's info and they made me swear that I'd come back and see them soon. I can't believe I would voluntarily go back to Texas! So Wednesday went to our big transfer meeting and it was the wackest transfer I have ever been to. I know Pres. Hall is ordained to be our president and all... but he is making very weird decisions all the time. I'm fairly certain he just has everybody's picture and a dart board... "(Thwang) Oh sorry Elder Smith, looks like your going to be companions with a sister this time!"
        So in Pres Hall fashion, I'm now in an english area called "Shaddow Creek" that's just 5 minute from my old ward, so its kinda nice. Also, I'm in a trio with the Zone Leaders Elder Deans and Elder Dawes and they're super cool, Elder Dawes has the same time as me in the mish and Elder Deans has a little over a year, so we're vets at this. 
         Friday we got to go to the temple because Elder Dawes had a convert who was getting endowed and sealed to his wife. Except when we got there the session was completely full and only two of us could go in, so I decided that I could just do something else and let the other two go. Lucky for me, the stake second councilor from my last stake, Pres. Peterson, who I'm homies with, rolled up and said that I could be his son for some sealings he was doing with his wife. And it was awesome! So I did that, felt the spirit like crazy and then got to go sit in the celestial room by myself for like 20 minutes. The spirit was like a fire burning on the dance floor, wooah. Sealings are my favorite thing now.
That's Pretty Much It,
Elder Evans

Dearest Parents, Family, and Friends,
           Goooooddnnneesss, it feels like I'm in another mission now! I went from disorganization, drama, excitement, and slight apostasy to order, wealth, solid leadership and doctrinal understanding. Sadly, I kind of miss the disorganization, drama, etc... There was never a dull moment with the hispanics. Now I get fed every night and the ward wouldn't collapse on itself if we didn't show up. Its weird. 
            Anyways, it was a good week. My companions and I are having a blast! This might be my favorite companionship yet. It's the perfect blend of working hard and having fun! But, based on my current companion record, there is a good chance I'lll leave this transfer or they will because I've never had a companion two transfers in a row. Can you believe I've had 16 companions so far? That must be some sort of record. Maybe Heavenly Father just knows that I'd probably kill anyone after 6 weeks with them for 24 hours a day. It's better than being stuck with the same person for 6 months!
             I can't really remember exactly what happened this week, it was just lots of talking to people and handing out "A Savior is Born" cards to everyone (I can quote that dang video word for word now!), so its just a big ol' blur. Thursday we had a leadership conference and I went because my companions are ZL's and I promoted myself to Zone Secretary. It was an 8 hour long meeting. I about died. I'm trying not to be negative so I'm just not going talk about what went on there. 
             Hopefully this next week will be a little bit more eventful!
Peace, Love, and Harmony
Elder Secretary Evans

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