Friday, January 15, 2016

The B Word

Dear Parents, Family, and Friends,
        Guess what?! I actually have things to talk about! yay! I also have great news of which I will reveal through a poem.
There once was a missionary named Elder Evans
He was quiet dashing and charming, good heavens!
But, try as he might
Brown, Black, or White,
There was ne'er a baptism in sight
But Heavenly Father had pity on this guy
And he received news as sweet as his famous stir fry
A dude that he had taught
Had gotten off his butt
And would be baptized
      So long story short, back in Kemah, I was teaching the older brother of a recent convert (Fabio.) Everybody said, including Fabio, that he would never be baptized. However, as I quote from an email from long ago, "We have an investigator named Ronnie who I am going to baptize, even if it kills me." Drawing from my man, Tim McGraw, saying  "Can't tell me nothin," I taught him almost every lesson until I got transferred. He was really getting close when I left but his ridiculous work schedule was preventing him. Well guess what? He cut back in hours and....... wait for it........ was BAPTIZED! YAY! and who went the baptism? Me!!! 1 point Gryffindor!
     Then a few days later we met two kids of a less-active woman, who want to go to be baptized and so we're going to baptize them too! Baptisms for everyone! I'll let you know how that goes as the month progresses. 
That's pretty much it!
Love you all,
Elder Evans

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