Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Breakdown

Dear Padres y Familia,
        Everything is back to normal again. Nothing happened really crazy or terrible this week soooo that's nice. And honestly, I don't really remember what happened. It was just kind of a big blur. One of my journal entrees from the last week actually says, "I think something happened today, but what it was I have no idea. I can't remember anything anymore." This is what my life has become. A blur of spanish, dogs, and argentines. 
        At least my spanish is getting better, it was a little stagnant for a while, but now it's improving tons every week. I'm getting to the point where I don't feel like a fool everytime I open my mouth, which is a lovely feeling. I think I now have the spanish ability of about a 7 year old and that's good enough for me. The sad thing is that as my spanish improves and I speak it more, my english is starting to suffer. The other day we met a member who is really good at english and I just had an awful time trying to talk to him. It took a good 3 or 4 minutes before I could speak without thinking about it again. It was so weird. 
       It's transfers time again this week. I think I'm probably going to stay here again, but I have the weird feeling like I am going to be transfered... I dont know. I'm going to buy a couple souvenirs just in case, though. 
       This week I had divisions twice. The first was with Elder Perkins from Utah and that was interesting. I swear, for every normal missionary there is in this mission, there are at least 2 others that are really weird. Don't get me wrong, Elder Perkins is super nice and I have no problem with him. I feel bad because he tries so hard but he hates germs, other people, to have his clothes wrinkled, and so much more. He only has 6 more weeks than I do here, but the people can not understand him at all. I actually had to translate for him because he has retainers in his mouth and his words slur really bad. So sad. Then, this Saturday morning we got a call from the Presidente that we needed to do emergency divisions with Elder Perkins and his compañero that morning because Elder Perkins had a crazy breakdown and started yelling at Elder Astete in english (his companion, who doesnt speak english) and crying. So I went to a little tiny town called General Acha (coincidently where Mr. Mason served for a litttle). It was ok because I needed a little change of scenery and I love Elder Astete. I now know that there is beauty in Argentina, just not in Santa Rosa.
           And thats pretty much all that happened,
            Love Elder Evans

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