Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The Next Episode

Querido Padres y Amigos,
            So I got transferred! I'm now in some place called Maracò. It's like a section of city called General Pico (heneraal Peeko). It's 2 hours north of where I was before, so it's in the same province, La Pampa. I'm still in the same zone, just a different district. So I go to Santa Rosa every couple weeks for conferences and stuff. So really nothing changed, just the scenery a bit. It's going to be a rough couple of next weeks because they are going to be putting 2 more elders in the house that I'm living in right now. That means 6 dudes trying to shower and get ready in a one hour period with only one bathroom. I'm scared. We are going to start searching for another place for my companion and I to live.
            Oh yah, funny thing. My Companion is Elder McCord from SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA! What the heck are two Northern California boys doing in some backwoods city in Argentina? He seems alright. He likes to talk about how great he is and how terrfiying he is when he needs to discipline people (even though he is the least terrifying person I know). He was in a heavy metal band before the mission and needless to say, he is a bit interesting. So we'll see. 
           I'm still with the Mexican, Elder Landerose from my last house. So I have a friend and that's nice. There is another Elder in the house that may be possesed by some sort of ghost or phantom or banshee. Last night he was just laying on the floor running his hand up and down his chest starring at the ceiling. He also likes to walk up to me and say "Elder Evans", do an evil chuckle and then touch my arm or hug me. He has already touched me 9 times this morning. That's 9 times too many. He's got demons in him. Also, this house may be haunted too. Elder Landerose and I kept hearing weird noises in the middle of the night. I'll let you know if we end up doing an exorcism or something. I'm probably going to call a priest or something, this kind of thing is out of my jurisdiction. At least I'm probably going to sprinkle some holy water on that possessed Elder, that should do it.
         I'm kind of sad to leave Santa Rosa, I can't say I loved the place, but I loved my ward. They were all mad that I was leaving because usually we have at least 3 transfers in one place before we leave. Flor, the girl in the picture, was especially mad. Ana and Alexis were also super sad too. Ana looked like she was going to cry a little bit, so that was sad. They are getting officially married this week and then baptized the following. I'm a little bummed that I will miss that.

That's all I got!

Elder Evans       

  This is the best picture I have ever taken.     

Ana, Alexis, Shayla and Isaiah (picking his nose, classic)

Me and Flor (she is super awsome)

Me and Julio Santa Cruz (the best member ever)

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