Tuesday, September 2, 2014

I Testify of Christ... and for Alexis

Dear Family and Friends,
        So I got asked to testify in court this week. So I can check that off my bucket list. One of our investigators, Alexis (the one in the couple that is going to get married) had served jail time a month or so ago because he has a crazy sister that is a pathological lier or something that likes to pin crimes on him (sad, I know). So he got accused of committing another crime this week (I don't know what it is) that was supposedly committed the same time as when we were teaching him one day. They came to us  and asked us if we would testify for him if it went to court. We said that we would love to but we had to check with Presidente to see if it was all good. However, Presidente said we probably shouldn't because we are americans and they don't like us here and he didn't want to cause an international incident or something. Luckily, now it looks like Alexis won't have to go to court, so they will not need my awesome testifying skills. I'm not going to lie, though, I really wanted to testify in Argentine court. I was going to cry and everything on the witness stand. Maybe rant about political oppression or racism or something to inspire the judge into throwing out the case.... its probably best I don't testify for anybody... 
        Alexis and his future wife Ana are probably the cutest family in the whole world. They have two kids. Isaih (that one prophet in the bible that I dont know how to spell) who is 4 years old and their baby Shayla who is 3 months old. Isaih is crazy, he has more energy than I thought was possible to contain in such a little package and Shayla is the calmest baby in the whole world. I think I have only really heard her cry once in the billions of times I have met with them. Alexis is super funny because he is like a little kid when he gets excited about something. I taught him how to tie a tie on Saturday for church and he was so excited to wear it. It was awesome. Ana is great too. She loves to watch movies about the church and they both love to talk about all things they've learned. 
I don't really have a ton to write about this week, sorry. I'm sure there will be stories next week.

- The lady with throat cancer is great, she's probably going to be baptized at the end of this month
- My healthiness depends on the week and if I need cookies or not.
- The happy birthday guy has to work a lot, so we're trying to get a time to meet with him still.
- Sam, you are going to be better than me at soccer when I get back. They don't let us play soccer because missionaries aren't allowed to have fun... just kidding.  It's  probably just so I dont get hurt or something.

Elder Evans

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