Monday, August 25, 2014

My Testimony of the Happy Birthday Song

Hola Familia and Amigos!
       I got my package yesterday! It was awesome! Thank you! Good Ol' Argentina doesn't have anything delicious like jelly bellies or goldfish because they don't like to import things for some reason that I can't figure out. I guess they just like super high prices? A pack of 2 snicker's bars is $5 american dollars. No idea. I loved the pictures that I got and the letter from Julia was my favorite. GOOD TIME. If you would tell her that I am, in fact having a good time, that would be great. 
       The weather is being absolutely nuts right now. Last week was one of the hottest weeks that they have ever had in August. It was like 80 something degrees when it is suppose to be the middle of winter. Now its super cold and ridiculously windy. I dont really understand. Its so windy that I regularly almost get blown over. I bet all the stray dogs are having a great time.
        Our investigators are still good, technically none are proggresing at the moment because they still won't come to church... sigh..... but its ok because nobody in our entire district had anybody in the church this week. Actually... thats really bad. But oh well. Alexis and Analisa are going to set up a date for getting married today or tomorrow and then they can get baptized! WOOO!! YAH! But I'll probably will be transfered before that can happen. I only have one good story this week, it was kind of a rough one, not gonna lie. We didn't find anybody good. I'm still happy though.  It doesn't bother me too much.
         We were walking down the street the other day and we said hi to these two guys and one said it was his birthday. So Elder Bloomfield asked him if he wanted us to sing him happy birthday (E' Bloomfield has lightened up a ton, I have corrupted him) and the guy said no. Then Elder Bloomfield asked him what his name was and he said Gabriel. Elder Bloomfield then looked at me and with our companionship telepathy, we both started to sing happy birthday to him at the same time in english. He didn't really know what to say but he thanked us for our song and laughed. After that we just left and didn't really expect anything more to come from it. Much to our suprise, two days later we were walking home at like 8 at night and this dude rolled by on his bike and yelled "Elderes!!" We walked over to him and it was Gabriel! It turns out I had actually met him once before, really breifly because he is the brother of an inactive member in our ward. He told us that he has a drinking problem and he wants help quiting so he can be a better father to his daughter. We are going to start teaching him this week and its gonna be awesome. I now have a testimony of the power of the happy birthday song.
Answers for Questions Time!
Food- I eat noodles... lots and lots of noodles. Usually its got this greasy sauce with beef in it, its not bad, not amazing but not bad. I also eat a lot of something called milanesa. Its just breaded and fried steak, I think, but its really delicious. Probably bad for me, but really delicious. Occasionally we have chicken too and maybe some salad. And that's pretty much all I ever eat. Argentines don't like variety in the slightest. It may sound like I'm strereotyping but Argentines would be the first to tell you that its true. They hate spicy things too. Just a tiny bit of pepper and everyone wants to die. It would be paradise for you, Mom.
Spanish - Its coming, not super fast, but its coming. I'm right on the edge of getting a lot better, I can feel it. However, I am not quite there yet.
My Companion - He has loosened up a bunch, but he still loves to work and that's fine with me. It makes the days go by faster!
Scriptures: John 14:18 or Alma 26:12, I cant decide..
Sending you copies of my letters to the president: Yah they are in spanish.. but are those supposed to have spiritual experiences in those? Mine are always just a sentence or two. Oops.

Love You All!
Elder Aybons (thats how they pronounce it here) 

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