Friday, August 1, 2014

Week 10....Another Week in Paradise

Dear Padres y amigos
       Its finally starting to calm down a bit for me in the fabulous country that is Argentina. I'm starting to get into the routine and thats kind of nice. I am starting to understand the people a lot more, except for the ones with no teeth, which is far too many. I am actually contributing to lessons now, before I just prayed and bore my testimony and now I actually teach stuff.
       Now that I have a little less to talk about, I actually can answer your questions and stuff. 
1. I don't know what my favorite scripture is, I'll think of one this week.
2. My apartment: It's a three bedroom, 1 bath apartment with a little kitchen and laundry room. The living room is a good size and we dont have couches or nothin', just padded metal chairs that we stole from the church. Its nice but super dirty. However everything here is dirty, so its not abnormal. I have to wear shoes constantly or I will get some crazy foot fungal disease and grow an extra leg or something (which is not necessarily a bad thing). I miss carpet and walking around barefoot.
     The laundry situation kind of sucks, we dont actually have a washing machine, its just a glorified plastic barrel that turns the clothes in water. Then we put the clothes in this spiny thing that spins super fast to get the extra water out. So essentially together it makes a crapy washing machine. I never realized how much I could miss something that washes clothes! And heaven forbid that anybody in Argentina has a dryer. Not even the rich have dryers, they'll drive an audi and still hang their clothes to dry.
3. I do door approaches sometimes, but I really suck at them and I prefer to just talk to people on the street.      
4. Our Investigators are good but wont freaking come to church. Argentines are the laziest people on earth.
5. Im having lots of fun, its just a little hard every once and a while.
6. Tell Michael to email me
7. Its real cold and windy
8. Yah put some pictures on that package.  Also, I have heard that packages from Canada come a lot faster and easier, so thats something to think about.
The Argentines still continue to crack me up. On Thursday, I saw two drunk guys crash on their motor scooter at 7 o'clock at night. Nothing like a drunken Thursday night joy ride to undwind a bit. People still dont know where I am from, I'm just some alien who speaks bad spanish. I am the only red head I have seen since I arrived, but its cool cause little kids are fascinated by it and my blue eyes, those don't really happen here either. It 'twas a good week though I'm not complaining!

Elder Evans

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