Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Week 11

Dearest Familia y Amigos
            It has been a very crazy week in Argentina! and guess what!? I went on divisions again! And was the elder normal?! Of Course Not!! He was some guy from Bolivia who didn't like to say anything to me but, "Elder Eevvvvvaaaaannnns....... Elder Evvvvvvvaaaannnnnsss es me amigo.." Over and over again. He took 3 naps for a grand total of 3 1/2 hours when I was with him. We are not even supposed to take a 20 minute nap! Even better, I found out that tomorrow I will probably be on divisions with the Zone Leader that loves to put me out of my comfort zone and thinks that I am not trying hard enough. But if there is one thing that I have learned so far in this mission, is to have no fear when talking to someone. So I'll just tell the elder what I think about him... I'm Kidding of course. Maybe.
               In sadder news, Elder Andersen, the elder from the mtc and who has been in my zone here, went home friday. I actually saw him every week at our district/zone meetings and he wasnt doing so well. He never helped his companion teach and pretty much never said anything to anyone in spanish. He and his latin companion could not get along too, which was sad because his companion is awesome. In a weird way, I will miss the big guy.
              We're still meeting very interesting people here, the other day we were talking to a lady and she said that she really needed help and peace. So we asked her what was bothering her and she said people were physically hurting her. So then we got all worried and asked her who was hurting her and she said she didn't know, thats why she needed help. (yes I know that was a giant run-on-sentance) Then we realized that she was crazy. We also taught a homosexual man yesterday who has two kids. He is awesome and loves what we taught him.
            We have two good families we are teachng right now that are great. I'm really starting to actually understand people now. I dont get every word but I get the gist. Now I just need to get better at speaking. I almost hope that my next companion is Latin so that I am forced to speak more spanish.
     Love Elder Evans

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