Saturday, October 4, 2014

No Clever Title

Hola Todos!
         My goodness, what a week. First off, General Pico is way prettier than Santa Rosa. I now realize that Santa Rosa just happened to be one of the ugliest places on earth. I think my area is just a bit larger than my area in S.R. and it is way more packed with houses and stuff. We  also have the part of town called centro (central) which is the city part and I love it. Suprisingly, I miss Santa Rosa a lot. I was actually feeling super home sick last week... or santa rosa sick, I guess. Sorry padres, but I think I was actually more sad about leaving Santa Rosa than my own home... Oops! The ward was just so good there. I don't think I'll have the same thing here, sadly. Luckily if I get in good with the next president (because Presidente Parreño leaves at my one year mark) then I can go back to Santa Rosa towards the end of my mission. 
          So I know that there has been a clamorous uproar among my many fans for something spiritual and, as you know, I always deliver the goods. So here it goes:
           There are two investigators here named Victoria and Romina. They were supposed to be baptized this last weekend but they started having a ton of doubts if they were really ready. The sad thing was that the day before, Elder McCord told "you are getting really close to being baptized so satan is going to try really hard to keep you from doing it. So be careful and you'll be fine. And, then they didn't listen. 
          After finding out that they were having troubles, we called them to come meet us at the church because E' McCord had to do an interview for a baptism for somebody else there. Romina was the only one that could come and she showed up with her 5 year old son (she is 23 and single, so sad.) We started talking to her about why she had doubts and she said that she had gone to another church in Buenos Aires and was torn between us and them. So E' McCord began to talk and explain, but he also began to get super emotional and frustrated because his sister had been in the same situation or something and it really hit close to home. So he was just pulling out scriptures about the devil and his churches and contention and it was getting really bad because she was getting very defensive about the church she had gone to. At this point, I was thinking that we were going to lose her because Elder McCord was just bashing with her. Thank goodness, E' McCord realized what he was doing and excused himself to go and interview the other guy. Then I realized it was just me and her (there were other people all over but, you know, it was just her and me in the lesson), so I just dove in blindly, hoping that the Spirit would help me out. So I just asked her what it was like at the other church and she just described at as a fat, crazy party. So I just described what I thought it was like to her and she said that's exactly what it was like. Then I said "you know what I just described? Riding a roller coaster. I think it was just the adrenaline that you were feeling at the other church and I understand that's fun but you can feel that anywhere. But what you can feel in this church, is like nothing you can find anywhere else. This peace and tranquility is something that only comes from pure truth." Then I explained that it was probably a good church and taught good things, however there can only be one true church and your in it. She agreed and then I said (the spirit was so strong in the room, it was almost on fire, at this point.) "I don't even know you, but I already love you, Elder McCord loves you too and Heavenly Father loves you even more... All I want is what's best for you, because I know, without a doubt, that if you are baptized here, your life will get sooo much better. I then gave an anolgy about how Heavenly Father knows more than we do and all that. After that, I just stopped and said the only way your going to know is if you pray, so we are going to kneel down right now and pray. SO we did and I was about to burst because the spirit was just so thick. She actually started freaking out a little because she felt so much spirit. She said her whole body was on fire and she didn't know what to do. Elder McCord came back in and we finished up. Now she's going to get baptized either this week or the next depending on General Conference. Of course,I know that none of that was me. I can't actually speak spanish that well.  I was just a spiritual funnel in that moment and it was amazing.

And thats it,
Elder Evans


Our investigator Victoria

I drew on these oranges...

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