Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Stuck inside

Wow, what a boring week, I honestly don't have any idea what to talk about. I was kind of really sick this week. I had actually been sick for about 3 or 4 weeks now, but I am fairly certain its over now. I couldn't hardly eat anything without getting super sick and needing to use the bathroom. So I talked with the doctor of the area (he is over all the missionaries in this part of Argentina) and he thought I had a parasite and took a bunch of medicine for that. Unfortunately, that made me more sick because of the side-effects and I couldn't leave the house a couple times. So that didn't work and I had to go see a specialist four days ago and he gave me more pills and told me to stay on a special diet. I need to return in 10 days. I feel a lot better now, so hopefuly it will all be good! 
          Luckily, in the break of being in our house, every once and awhile we found, or should I say, we were found by an inactive member and his girlfriend, named David and Martha. They want to get married super bad in the temple. She also has 2 kids: Dalma (16) and Tomas (12) and they are possibly the best behaved kids in all of Argentina! They're all so awesome. Also in related news, Ana and Alexis got baptized last weekend!!! My first converts! I was sad not to to be there but I'm just glad it finally happened.
1. Companion is still difficult, but my zone leaders gave me some good tips to deal with him.
2. I am actually in a branch right now. I like them but I don't feel the same love for them as my last group.
3. Living situation is good and Elder McCord and I are going to move out soon, yeah....
4. I am GOOD

In other news, in all my free time, I wrote this song, poem, hymm, thing. I don't know if it's good or not I was not exactly in my right mind writing it.

In the throngs of winter's chill
With quiet confidence I continue on
Within the wrath of summer's sun
I feel Him with me still

The Lord hath redeemed my soul
I have beheld His glory
His sacrfice keps me whole
He is deep in my heart's quarry

Legacy of love, the Savior's reign
This great cause will carry on
Love unfeigned, God's only son
In His Embrace I will remain


It does cause my heart to burn
The Lamb of God leading on
The Lord of Hosts, The Father's Son
Israel's truimph, He shall return

Elder Evans

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