Tuesday, March 17, 2015

I am 20

Dearest Parents and friends,
       So this has been a much more interesting week than the last, luckily. Now I have stuff to write about! 
        The first part of the week was pretty drab. We were straight struggling to find people. We would talk to people on the streets, next door neighbors, pretty much anybody. After that wasn't really working, we started really trying to press the members for referrals and we didn't get any good ones. Then we decided that we, from the excellent advice of my companion, would get wwaayyy strict on ourselves, just to make sure that every last drop of fun was sucked out of missionary work (because, after all, the last thing the Lord wants us to enjoy these two years.) Then things really began to change!! Except it didn't and nothing happened. As a result, proving myself to be always the rationalist, I suggested that we instead of trying to be unnecessarily obedient we try being unnecessarily non obedient. I theorized that increase in rule breakage would then show Heavenly Father how willing we were to please him, by not pleasing him at all. For some reason, this idea was thrown out before even getting to see a jury. Facing that defeat, I then proposed a compromise, entailing that we would work our hardest and keep the rules, but try not to worry so much and have a little faith. This plan was accepted with open arms. Now we've found some good people that may turn out to be sweet investigators.
        We also went to church Saturday night. We were trying to find an apartment and we came across these people that we had contacted the day before who were going to their church. So we decided to go with them. I'm not going to lie, the Centro Hispanio Iglesia Pentecostal is not the true church. Actually, I'm not even sure if it is a church. However, it was the sweetest party I've  ever been too. There were lasers, fog, a super sweet band and a preacher that ran in circles on the stage like a little boy who was about to cry because he couldn't find his mom. I really felt the spirit, especially when the preacher told the audience that they were sinners over and over again. I also enjoyed when the preacher pulled a big stack of cash out of his pocket to show everyone how generous he was giving to the church. It was great.
        That's pretty much it for me. I'm 20 now and that's weird.
         Elder Evans


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