Sunday, March 8, 2015

To Whom It May Concern

Dearest Parents and Friends,
           I am writing this letter with heavy heart as I must inform you that, my companion and leader, Elder Lambourne, has made it known that from this point forward there shall be no speaking in the language of those heathens and commoners in the street. I must say that I find the idea quite preposterous. The very act of "talking street" brings me much joy and may I dare say it tickles my fancy! Now, as any well-bred and educated gentleman must do, I have begun a protest by speaking like this. It has not had a noticeable effect, but I believe, with time, it will do my opponents in. (What fun, the hunt!) This country was founded on such ideals and I will exercise my right to do so. If I wish to speak like an idiot, by George, I will. CAUSE YA CANT KEEP DIS MAN DOWN AIGHT?!?!
          Any who, this has been a pretty average week, we didn't do anything particularly exciting, except go to the medical district twice. The medical district is almost 15 or so GIANT hospitals that are super cool looking. We give blessings to sick members from all over there since its in our area. It makes me want to live in the city so very much. (Sorry Grass Valley, but now that we've spent some time apart, I've realized that our relationship is just going nowhere. We had fun and I'll always treasure the time we spent together but I think we just need to see other people. I think an older guy would be so much better for you, especially a retired one. It's not you, it's me... actually its totally you. Love Elder Evans.)
           Other than that it's been good. I totally ate it the other day riding my bike. You know how you are supposed to go at a curb straight, with good speed, and a little jump right before?  I didn't. 
            I also found out one of the sisters in my ward is from Argentina, so we went over to her house, drank mate, and had a grand ol' time.
           We work with many of the less active and active members. It's kind of a weak ward, so we're focusing on that. We also got a new bishop. He's from Mexico, I think. The funny thing is his wife is from Alberta! I don't know where but I'll find out.
And that's all I have to say about that,
Elder Evans

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