Sunday, March 8, 2015

Standard Letter

Dearest Family and Friends,
            I don't know what to write about, this mission is actually kind of boring. Not to complain, but I haven't even feared for my life even once! And all the missionaries are great, no real crazy ones and the rules are easy to follow. I have nothing to complain about, nothing to ironically criticize or grossly exaggerate!!! I don't even know who I am anymore! I just sit in a car, visit people and sometimes ride my bike (I'm getting way better but going up onto sidewalks seem to be.... curbing my progress....). Elder Lambourne is still great, we have good fun together. Elder Reed is still struggling. He just wants to go home so very bad.
            I like speaking spanish here but everybody makes fun of how I speak Argentine Spanish, especially the kids because they think I'm saying it wrong. Luckily, there is an Argentine lady in our ward and I'm going over to drink mate and speak Argentine words. I actually have to change a lot of my speech because nobody understands. I'm so exotic. I dont understand why the people don't think  its weird when we just walk up and speak spanish to them. It doesn't even phase them. I would be really surprised if somebody just walked up to me speaking perfectly good english in the middle of Mexico.
             I also gave a talk on Sunday about why we need the Atonement, and I had to write it in an hour. However, despite the time setback, I won an oscar for best actor, best supporting role went to the sister missionary who talked before me and I think the soundtrack is up for a grammy. My manager is talking about a tour but I want to focus on my studio career. We're also talking about tv show syndication, I want Shaun from Psych to play me.
              That's about it,
              Elder Evans

        Here's me studying hard...     

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